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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care provides an alternative to traditional medicine that is focused on the whole person, not on the symptoms of a condition. Dr. Matthew  Atkinson of Atkinson Family Spine Care in Greenwood, SC provides pediatric, prenatal, and family care at his up-to-date facility. Chiropractic care offers treatments and therapies for every member of the family. Some conditions treated include sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, and disc degeneration.

Chiropractic care is not just one type of treatment; many options are available depending on what you need and what type of pain you are suffering from. 

Spinal adjustments

Spinal adjustments are what most people think about when they are considering chiropractic care, but this is just one of many therapies available. Spinal adjustments aren’t just one treatment; there are many ways this is offered, from very gentle to stronger controlled force. Your chiropractor will discuss your health needs with you to determine the best approach for you. A misaligned spine affects many parts of your body and getting things lined up is usually a priority. 

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy treats myofascial trigger points in the muscles and fascia. These are tender, tense areas that are tight and painful and by releasing the tension, pain relief is provided. Trigger points are a major contributor to chronic musculoskeletal pain and combining this therapy with therapeutic massage maximizes the potential for good results.  

Electric muscle stimulation

Several types of electric muscle stimulation therapy are available. The type used will depend on the type and location of the injury. This sort of treatment helps to reduce inflammation and swelling and reduces pain in a safe, drug-free, non-invasive manner. It helps the body to heal itself faster. 

Therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce heat in the affected area, which promotes quicker healing and pain relief. It decreases stiffness and allows more range of motion. The healing process is stimulated at the cellular level. 

Therapeutic exercise

When you have health issues, you may see a decrease in your flexibility, balance, and strength. The purpose of therapeutic exercise is to help you regain what you may have lost. You will be shown how to perform the exercises and can then continue to use them at home. 

Massage therapy

Massage is a great way to make almost any therapy work more effectively. Your body responds better to treatment when it is relaxed and massage is the perfect way to increase the sense of well-being and relaxation.  Massage also stretches tight muscles and facilitates circulation.

For comprehensive chiropractic care, contact Dr. Atkinson of Atkinson Family Spine Care in Greenwood, SC. You can reach the office on the phone at 864-381-7567 or email us via the website. 


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